Art Requirements - Yard Signs

General art requirements for Yard Signs are as follows: 
  • Vector PDFs are preferred whenever possible
  • If vector art is not available, high res JPGs (240-300dpi at actual size) are also an suitable option
  • CMYK color space
  • Supplied at actual size
  • Page Size for Full Bleed Yard Signs: Actual Size, No Borders, No Bleed
  • Page Size for Non-Full Bleed Yard Signs: Actual Size 2/ 1/2" White Borders
  • Converted all fonts to outlines
  • Min. font size: 10pt for positive type & 14pt for reverse type
  • Embed all imported images

Additional Requirements for Variable Data Orders

  • Single File for Layout should be supplied with variable area NOT converted to outlines.
  • Font file must be supplied
  • Data must be supplied in Excel format

Additional Requirements for Contour Cut 4mm Yard Signs

  • PDF files with vector cut path on separate layer required
  • Cut path should be unique spot swatch called "ContourCut"
  • Inside cuts require 3/8" radius
  • Overly complex paths may be simplified. Changes will be noted for approval prior with final proof